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  • Stripe it up
    Thinking about all types of stripes today and here are a few we are excited about. (from top left) Sailboat Stripes | Stripe Soap | Striped Shirt | De Stijl Plate | Stripe Quilt | Striped Chair More stripes: The cover of this pretty book | This clever music video | Fun ice cream packaging | Stripe party ideas: 1 | 2 | 3 
  • Flower Flash
    The delight of flowers in an unexpected place is downright magical! We cannot get enough of Lewis Miller’s Flower Flashes. For nearly three years, Lewis Miller and his team have created these stunning flower arrangements again and again as beautiful gifts to New Yorkers. What makes them even more meaningful is their intention behind them to...Read […]
  • Happy List
    We are turning our frown upsidedown with inspiring things that made us happy this week. What is making you happy lately? What are you listening to, eating and watching these days? (From top left) 1 – This flamingo paper creation is clever, and so is the rest of Paperboyo’s feed. 2 –  Magic Spoon – genuinely healthy cereal?! Yes, please!...Read […]
  • Ten Apple Recipes We Can’t Wait To Try!
    Crisp fall days and apple pickin’ are around the corner and here are ten delicious apple recipes I look forward to trying soon. What are your favorite apple recipes? There are so many different apple varieties now that it is hard to keep up! This new Cosmic Crisp hybrid has been getting lots of press,...Read […]
  • Snail Mail Cards
    My box of beautiful cards is running thin, and there is something incredibly satisfying about having them on hand and ready to send at the drop of a hat. One of my favorite things is to give and receive beautiful mail. I scouted out some fun ones I would love to add to my dwindling...Read […]
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